Our Products

Welcome to Glister, your gateway to innovative LED lighting solutions. Our range of LED lights represents a leap forward in the lighting industry, offering niche power solutions backed by the latest LED technologies. At Glister, we’re dedicated to providing enduring, quality lighting solutions while ensuring accessibility and affordability for a wide customer base.

Our mission is guided by the vision of Ms. Ashwini Sachin Lawand, and we aim to serve our country with smart LED solutions that cater to future generations. We offer performance-driven lighting solutions for residential, commercial, and retail spaces, with a focus on delivering higher bandwidth of options for each sector.

Our in-house team of experts conducts thorough research and development, creating customized solutions that adapt to various customer requirements. All our products undergo rigorous testing to guarantee inbuilt solutions, high reliability, and durability.

Our commitment to eco-friendly technology helps reduce the environmental impact of our products, making them a sustainable choice for your living spaces. We strive to provide you with the most advanced LED technology at reasonable prices, creating bright, energy-efficient, and environmentally responsible living spaces for the years to come.

Join us on this journey through the world of LED technology, explore our versatile product range, and experience the brilliance of Glister lighting solutions. Your feedback and suggestions help us continually improve our products and services, making your experience brighter and better.