About Us

SATACHI GLOBAL PVT. LTD., led by its visionary CEO and owner, Ms. Ashwini Sachin Lawand, stands as a prominent player in the electrical industry. We are renowned as a leading importer, exporter, manufacturer, supplier, and trader of LED lights and home appliances, all under the trusted brand name ‘Glister.’

Glister’s range of LED lights represents a smart and innovative leap forward in the lighting industry. We are dedicated to providing straightforward and enduring lighting solutions. Our commitment to quality and affordability ensures that Glister products are accessible to a wide customer base. Experience the future of lighting with Glister, where excellence meets affordability under the guidance of Ms. Ashwini Sachin Lawand.

Glister proudly presents a diverse and comprehensive product lineup. Our offerings encompass an array of electrical solutions, including LED Lamps, LED T5 Tube Lights, LED Panel Lights, Concealed Lights, LED Street Lights, LED Solar Street Lights, Solar Panels, LED Flood Lights, LED Strip Lights & Drivers, LED Torches, Wires & Cables, Electric Switches, Electric Water Heaters, Solar Water Heaters, CCTV Cameras, Immersion Rods, Ceiling Fans, Table Fans, Wall Fans, Pedestal Fans, Induction Cookers, Mixer Grinders, and much more.

Glister plays a pivotal role in shifting focus from conventional lighting systems that consume more power to offering niche power solutions that are backed by latest LED technologies.

We hope to serve our country with smart LED solutions for the future generations and for many more light years ahead. Quality and perfection in our smart technologies enable us to reach newer horizons every day. Our quests to create more energy efficient platforms that are sustainable across various verticals motivate us to innovate by the go.

We offer performance driven solutions for residential lighting systems together with exploring the commercial and retail space for achieving higher bandwidth of solutions in individual sectors.

Our experts in respective technical spaces strive with best efforts to make every lighting space a thing to reckon with forever. We promote extensive research and enable customised solutions to adapt to numerous customer requirements.

We conduct elaborate in-house studies and measure potentials of various assorted applications before delivering the end product to the customer. Apart from offering end-to-end support for our customers, our teams offer round-the-clock technical assistance for varied application-based installations.

Our designs in the lighting portfolio are unique and custom chosen to suit every requirement. Intensive studies on aesthetics of various designs have led our teams to conquest on customer friendly and durable patterns.

Our in-house team of experts understands the appeal of designs in the periphery of technical expertise and vow to deliver enriching solutions that match customer expectations.

All our products have undergone several checks and tests before being let out into the market space. You can trust our products with the best of inbuilt solutions, graded technology delivery systems, high reliability and durability.

If you seek smart Eco-friendly solutions at reasonable rates for your home or office, do reach out to us at our designated contact numbers. Our team will guide you in bringing about a modular plan with the best quotations and designs on offer to enrich your area and convert them into user-happy spaces. We wish to serve you with our versatile ideas and create more room for unique, sustainable offers in the future.

Our basket of products has been launched keeping in mind every miniscule detail of our large customer base and we have made tailor-made choices to help you understand the latest offer in Eco-friendly smart technologies.

In a world that is highly dependent on gadgets and customer durable at every step of life, it’s more of a necessity than a luxury to be able to use them in our everyday lives. ‘Glister’ understands the severity of this drive and hence promotes the uniqueness of ideas and builds our products around innovative solutions.

Reach out to us to understand our products in their entire length and breadth and spread your wings comfortably in your spaces with our time-tested solutions. Re-structuring your old home or office space, remodelling your fixtures or bringing in that jazz into your old lighting systems, fret not! We have solutions for every requirement.

We supply strong and presentable ideas for you to ponder over. Not only can you expect elegancy and completeness in all our deliverable, but can also relate and adapt to them quickly.

We are happy to inform you that we have happily met customer demands beyond their own expectations. The design teams, application teams, technical groups, research experts and customer relation officers are offering their best services to increase the size of happy customer lists every day.

Nevertheless, in our sincere efforts to reach efficient milestones, we strive to keep this a purely on-going process. We continue to trend in our analysis of products and respect the feedback offered by customers. In our working space, we aim to achieve the best design and quality for every product curated on board ‘Glister’.

Take a quick tour of all our products and brands on offer and we promise you the best of our customer service. Help us understand your needs and serve you better by providing us a detailed requirement order. With minimal effort from your side, you can comfortably achieve the best lighting solutions in the industry through ‘Glister’.

Our service centers help customers solve any technical issue they come across and provide full information on its working. Our representatives in the customer relations section should be able to provide the best value added assistance in every operating space.

We understand different customer requirements across different verticals and enable technology transfer likewise. Please refer to our terms and conditions in case you have queries on our return and exchange policies.

Come over and join us to experience the exciting journey that LED technology has on offer for all your needs. Please help us in improving our products by offering us your valuable suggestions and feedback.

We promise to deliver the most advanced technology at the most reasonable prices and create happy, living customer spaces for many years to come. Our products are listed with safety precautions and norms to be followed to avoid any injuries or hazards.

We have achieved high energy compliancy with each and every product thereby reducing hazardous impact on our environment. ‘Glister’ strives to offer you lifestyle innovations with highly reliable customer products and best-on-offer technology solutions.